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  Our programs are available to corporate teams, government agencies and athletic teams and other organizations through workshops, events and seminars provided by Professional Teambuilding, our training organization. Individuals are served by the Alan Lowis Foundation.

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IMPACT Technology™
The product of nearly two decades of research, study and analysis of the most critical information about human performance derived and assimilated from interactions with more than 100,000 individuals and through interpretation of data describing more than one million people. Simply described, a blueprint to human function. It is the cornerstone of all of our seminars, workshops and events.
  Unstoppable Teams™
Improve team communication, connection, and effectiveness. Build trust, confidence, teamwork, creativity, focus, courage, determination, strength, understanding, energy, drive, direction, imagination, and ultimately success. Highly functioning teams are more efficient and more productive leading to improved quality and more profit. Isn't it time you and your people became an unstoppable team.

Unstoppable Sales™
Develop and master skills in lead generation, cold calling, rapport building, presentation, negotiation, closing, client retention, referral generation and more. Learn the secrets of top performers that eliminate burnout, improve motivation, and maximize your sales numbers.


Empowerment for Women
Learn the blueprint to human communication, emotion, thought and behavior providing you the tools and the ability to maximize personal and professional achievement. Unlock the three secrets that prevent conflict and intensify connection while allowing you to assert yourself in the most productive ways.


Unstoppable Leadership™
Learn to think, feel and act as if you were a born leader. Master concrete tools and techniques to help you connect with and inspire your team to higher levels of motivation, performance, loyalty, satisfaction and productivity. Learn the 7 step process all successful leaders apply to overcome any challenge or obstacle.


Keys to Communication™
We all know that the most important factor related to success in any business is the ability to communicate effectively. Learn the keys to effectively communicate with anyone under any circumstance. See how knowing three critical factors will reduce miscommunication and misunderstandings by more than ninety-three percent. Hear about and apply concrete tools and methods that ensure improved communication.


Unbeatable Customer Service™
Learn to avoid the five biggest mistakes made by customer service representatives and the three most important things you must do for every customer. Happy customers will tell a few people. Upset customers will tell many, repeatedly. Thrilled customers will passionately recommend you to everyone they know. When you provide unbeatable customer service, your customers become an unstoppable sales force telling hundreds of people they should do business with you.


Win-Win Negotiation
Gain the skills, insights and competencies required in all negotiations in every industry at every level. Learn a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation-from establishing a formal planning process to prioritizing issues, from mastering persuasion techniques to identifying the communication styles of effective negotiators, from breaking deadlocks to negotiating as part of a team and more.


Time Management
Master a system that will allow you to accurately prioritize all tasks and motivate you to take action to get them done. No more putting things off. No more wasted time. No more spinning your wheels on unimportant tasks that don't produce results. You will be able to do more than you ever imagined in less time--making you more productive and making your work more enjoyable.


Stress Management
Stop stress in it's tracks. Across an organization, stress can lead to decreased job motivation, declines in productivity, lost sales, increased turnover, and increased absenteeism. For the individual it can be debilitating, demoralizing and destructive to mental and physical health. Learn proven concrete tools and strategies that eliminate the harmful effects of stress and empower your people to create a reduced-stress environment for themselves, their teammates and your customers.


Conflict Resolution
Discover the keys to stopping anger in it's tracks. Develop the skills to manage emotions in yourself and others--eliminating conflicts before they happen and resolving conflicts more quickly and effectively. Three factors underlay every action we take and are directly related to most workplace conflict. Additionally, learn how to eliminate the "buttons" that people push which another significant source of workplace conflict.


Emotional Muscle™
Understand how emotions affect your job performance and learn practical techniques to manage them! Gain the ability to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, in others and in groups! What are emotions and how do they work? Can you choose the emotions that will serve you most and learn to build them like muscles? Absolutely, and we will show you how...


The Emotional Economy™
One of the most basic principals of economic theory is the concept of scarcity--the unlimited desire for material resources vs. the limited availability of material resources. Another primary concept is that of rationality--that human beings generally act in our own best interest making rational decisions. A major variable is that of human emotion. In fact, emotions are the true drivers of all economic interactions. Learn how understanding emotions leads to bottom line economic results.


Doing the Impossible™
Throughout the history of humanity all achievement, all discovery, all growth, all progress came about because individuals and organizations chose to do what others believed to be impossible. We have studied great leaders, explorers, innovators, engineers, athletes, scientists, and creators or all kinds. By examining the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors they have in common, we have replicated their success formulas and can now teach anyone to develop the mindset of unlimited possibility.


Turning Fear into Power™
According to the American Institute of Stress, U.S. companies lose $300 billion annually due to absenteeism, turnover, poor morale, and lost productivity related to job stress. Stress is really a nice word for fear--fear of uncertainty, fear of rejection, fear of failure. It is directly tied to our body's "fight flight system" which, believe it or not, is designed to empower us. Learn how to take command of that system and put it to productive use and turn fear into power that will make you unstoppable.


Corporate Values Alignment™
Trust, connection and empowerment, the hallmarks high performance teams, are certain to be present when there is alignment between team members personal values, beliefs and goals and those of the organization. When you have Corporate Values Alignment™, your team will know what you must do, want to do it, know how to do it and enjoy achieving exceptional results together.


Marketing Magic™
There are three ways to grow your business: 1) get more customers, 2) make more per transaction, and 3) increase transaction frequency. Marketing magic provides time-tested methods to systematically ensure your business grows in all three ways. Learn 25 marketing strategies, develop a concrete plan to apply them to your business and return to work with the strategies, the motivation and the tools to ensure implementation and results.


OS-H - Operating System Human™
What exactly makes a human being think, feel and behave the way we do? Just like computers, we have an operating system--a system of rules that determine how we perceive and interpret the world. While each of us is unique, there are basic operation principles that apply to all of us. Fact: human beings are incapable of generating a list of random numbers--we always fall into a pattern, because we are governed by patterns. Those patterns/rules operate whether we are aware of them or not. Our influence over ourselves and or world grows exponentially when we become aware of these rules, understand them, and learn how to use them to our benefit.

  Unleashing the Fire Within™
What would you achieve if you were certain you could not fail? What would you accomplish if you knew nothing could stop you from achieving your goals? Once you tap into your inner strength, once you discover and unleash the fire within, once you recognize the unlimited potential within you, everything becomes possible. Cast off your limitations, and begin achieving in ways others only dream about.
  Our programs are available to corporate teams, government agencies and athletic teams and other organizations through workshops, events and seminars provided by Professional Teambuilding, our training organization. Individuals are served by the Alan Lowis Foundation.

Call 1-800-446-4742 for more information or click here to contact us.