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About Alan Lowis
  The vision and leadership at the Lowis Research Institute is provided by Alan Lowis. He holds degrees in Economics & Business from UCLA, has completed Masters work in Psychology at Pepperdine University and has earned a Juris Doctorate from The Law School at the University of Chicago.

He has presented more than 850 lectures, seminars, workshops and interactive programs on topics including motivation, teamwork, leadership, workplace morale, sales, marketing, and communication. He has served as a business consultant focusing on issues including process analysis, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and customer relationship management. He has guided the growth and development of children and teens through philanthropic endeavors and partnerships with camps, schools and government agencies including the California Department of Juvenile Corrections and the Department of Child & Family Services.

Alan has worked with at-risk youth, foster youth, teens in the probation system, abuse survivors, cancer survivors, those suffering bereavement, those with physical challenges, those seeking employment, prisoners & probationers, homeless people, those suffering from depression & anxiety, and many others who truly wanted to improve their lives and lacked the tools, skills and resources to do so.

He has extensive experience in the corporate environment. Early in his career he served as a Fortune 500 attorney, specializing in complex litigation for clients including Boeing, McDonald's and Sears. He has spearheaded successful entrepreneurial endeavors including Family Magazine Group, a print media and web publishing force that positively affects the lives of 1.5 million parents and children. He has trained tens of thousands of sales people to influence with integrity and to consistently exceed their goals.

Alan is a trusted trainer and advisor to Fortune 500 companies (including Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Vivendi Universal and more), professional & collegiate sports teams (including NHL Teams, NFL Teams, UCLA Teams and more), military & government agencies (United States Marines, Los Angeles Police Department, San Bernardino County Fire Department and more) and other small and mid-sized companies across America.

His leadership, dedication and wisdom have helped more than 100,000 people improve their personal and professional lives. Through comprehensive research and extensive practical experience, he has distilled, refined and simplified the keys to communication, emotion, behavior, fulfillment and achievement.

Alan will motivate you to think and act in ways that will dramatically improve the quality of your life. He will inspire you to take massive action and turn your wildest dreams into concrete reality.